About Me 

I initially had Alexander Technique lessons because I suffered from painful tension in my neck and back.  I also hoped to improve a general overall lack of energy.  My Alexander teacher helped me to understand that my reactions to the demands of life created strain and misalignment in my body. This contributed to the symptoms I was experiencing.  I learnt to react with less tension and to use muscles in a more coordinated way.  The tension disappeared and my energy and self-confidence improved.

This experience motivated me to study the Technique in more depth.  I read Alexander books, attended Alexander courses, and met many inspiring Alexander teachers.  I was fascinated by this life changing Technique.

From 2004-2007 I trained full-time to become an Alexander teacher at Cumbria Alexander Training School in Kendal, in the beautiful Lake District.  I gained valuable insights into how a desire to achieve goals ‘no matter what the cost’, can cause strained muscles, poor co-ordination and ill health.  Reaching goals becomes more effective when I am in balance throughout the process of getting there. This recognition has deepened my work with my pupils.

Gentle ‘hands on’ guidance and step by step explanations are used to help my pupils develop awareness of poor postural habits. Attention is paid to the way goals are reached, so activities become less strained and painful.  People of all ages and backgrounds come for lessons and I have helped people with neck and back pain, sciatica, RSI, Parkinsons, arthritis, headaches and sleeplessness.  I work with musicians, runners, golfers, office workers and with those who want to improve their performance when Working-out in the gym.
In 2012/13 I taught participants on the University of York ATLAS Neck Pain Trial.
My special interest is in movement, voice and creativity. I have a BA (Hons Fine Art) and currently study authentic voice and movement work with virtuoso musician Gilles Petit.

I am the Named Assistant teacher on the Alexander teacher training course at York Alexander Technique Centre.
I teach private pupils at my practice in Heslington, York and at York Alexander Technique Centre.
For many years I taught medical students on their Student Selected Components programme at Hull York Medical School and taught music students at the University of York Music Department.
I regularly run themed Alexander classes for Gardeners, Computer workers, and Parents of young children.

I am a fully qualified Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (MSTAT).