Post Natal Workshops

Alexander Technique is a very powerful tool that can enable parents and carers to release tensions and look after their own bodies as they lift and carry babies and young children. Parents’ backs, shoulders, necks, hips and legs can become strained when lifting, carrying, bathing, and feeding.

These workshops are geared specifically to look at efficient ways to pick up and put down babies, from car seat, floor, push chair and cot.  Also, useful ideas for bathing, playing on the floor, changing nappies, feeding etc. ensuring these activities are done with least effort and tension.

Parenthood can be joyful and exciting as well as demanding and draining on both body and mind.  While the workshops will deal mainly with the physical demands outlined above, I will also include some ways of dealing with the emotional stresses and strains of these early months of your child’s life.


Mary showed me how to support my back when breastfeeding in bed, by using cushions in a such a way that at last I could be comfortable and my back didn’t ache afterwards. – L.G.

We hadn’t realised that everything we did when lifting our baby was putting strain on our backs.  No wonder we were getting back and neck pains!  Now we feel stronger and more balanced as we take her weight when lifting or carrying her. – B.M.

‘We have been using the techniques you taught us!  I’ve found it really useful and have tried to incorporate it into everyday life where ever possible. The handouts were really good and I do still look at them when I need a reminder of the techniques. It was also ideal having the lesson here in the house, as it meant we could really put the techniques into practice with the cot, high chair etc. I’d love to learn more about Alexander Technique in the future. You really got me interested. – J.G.

These sessions can be arranged to take place in your own home, or a small community hall.

I work with 2-5 adults with 1-3 children.  When the children tire of the activities, we will use filled rucksacks to replicate their weight.

Cost is £56 per hour in your home, and £66 per hour in community hall.

Contact me for more details.