Working with Musicians

I work with many professional musicians and music students.

All have one thing in common. – They rely on their body working well in order to sing or to play their particular instrument to the highest standard.

However, many musicians develop strained muscles when practising for long periods, when holding the weight of  an awkward instrument, and when standing or sitting for long periods etc.  This can cause back and neck pain, RSI, or vocal strain.

My pupils find that the Alexander Technique helps them to develop a more accurate awareness of their poor postural habits.  They learn to release habitual tension patterns, become more relaxed and increase their energy levels and stamina.

Many report that the sound they produce has improved, and their breathing is freer.

Those who suffer from performance anxiety find the Technique helps them to manage their anxiety.

I give one to one lessons, and run workshops for groups.


Mary’s gentle reminders to feel support from the ground up through my body and to tune into easy breathing, helps me to centre myself before I perform.  I feel more confident. – C.B.
I feel spacious and light after my lessons.  Before I felt cramped and tight from holding up the trumpet.  Now I’m learning how to support it with less effort. – P.J.
My lessons with Mary have been a real gift.  I felt overwhelmed by how much I had to do and really worried by the pain in my throat when I sang.  Now I don’t rush quite so much, and love how relaxed I feel when doing the lying down.  My throat tension has decreased and I’m learning to stop forcing the sound I make. – C.C.

The Alexander Technique transformed my playing in that it allows me to now release(tension) on command. – M.S.

I have learned more about the physical aspects of playing the flute from Alexander teachers than I have from any flute teacher. – E.S.

The Alexander Technique makes such a difference to the sound quality of a performance. – J.D.

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