Gardening Workshops

Healthy Backs for Gardener’s Delight

If gardening has lost its appeal due to increasing aches, pains or injury, this workshop will give you the necessary tools to make changes to your habitual harmful ways of moving.  Using Alexander Principles you will learn how to weed, dig, barrow and much more, so gardening really can become a delightful activity again.

What  you learn can be applied to other everyday activities e.g. working at the computer,  lifting and carrying children, driving long distances, playing sport etc.

This workshop is held several times a year at the beautiful Brunswick Organic Nursery in Bishopthorpe.

What participants said:

This was a really enjoyable way to learn how to garden more efficiently. I liked how Mary organised the class to cover different activites, and I was amazed at how easy digging and barrowing became when I used the Alexander ideas. – T.J.

The thing I found most useful was that by taking a little bit more time to move in the way we were taught, my back didn’t hurt even when I was down on my knees doing the weeding. – D.K.

Cost: £20 per person for a three hour workshop.

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It is also possible to book this workshop to be run at your gardening club or horticultural event.

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